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ohio, 43 years ago today. that is how fox reportings. i am heather childress in for harris faulkner. thanks for having huckabee starts right now. >> tonight on huckabee. >> shocking undercover video of abortion clinic workers describing what would happen if a baby is born alive after a fame would abortion. >> we do not resussitate. blowing the lid off the late-term abortion industry. >> you think it breathing or like that? >> it would die. >> and whistle-blowers prepare to testify on what the government knew about the bengazi attacks, senator lindsay graham wants answers and demands that the administration give up the namings of sur-- names of
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survivors. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much welcome to the huckabee show from the fox news studios in new york city. it is obvious that everyone of the obama administration would like to forget the night of september 11th, 20 12 when the united states consulate in bengazi, liba overrun. in the ensuing battle four americans were murder. ambassador chris stevens and shaun smith and former navev seals glen doubtery and ty wooled. the american medical journalia aided and abetted the cover up of a terrorist attack 17 days blamed by the obama team on a snippet of a utube video and the spontanous mob mad about
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it the facts neverapped added up. i was one of the very first voice to put it bluntly. not saying it lightly and not saying it to be sensational. your government lied to you. there is no doubt what so ever that there was intelligence and information that led to the clear conclusion that something brewing. i haven't been proven wrong despite val attempts and collusion between it is press, state department and white house ask highly placed military officials holding politically sensitive positions. this week after stellar reporting by the news division reveal would that whistle-blowers in the federal were poised to reveal what the white house and federal officialless were covering up 7 monthings. ed henry ask would the president for a response, the president actually claim would that he was unaware of any federal employees bullied in
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the silence. >> there are some survivors of the terror attack who want to come forward and testify. some in the state department blocked. will you allow them to testify? >> ed, i am not familiar with the notion of anyone being blocked to testifying. i will find out what you are referring tompt >> later this week, the president was again pressed for an answer. >> i not here. i did not get up to morning. >> oh, well, that the wrong clip. but the answer is actually the same. >> you see, the attitude of the administration is contemptous for the right of the american people to know why their government lied to them and who is this cover up intended to protect. white house press secretary seems to think that the truth and need to discover it fades with time. >> bengazi happened a long
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time ago. we are unaware of any agency blocking an employee. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton tried to use an emotional outburst to keep from answering the tough questions. >> with all due respect, the fact is, we have four dead americans. >> i understand. >> it say protest or guys out for a walk and decided to go kill americanings. what difference at this point does it make? >> let me explain why it makes a difference. four americans are dead and their families deserve to know why. they and the american people need to know if the deaths could have been prevented and if not, why were we lied to. who answered the phone in the white house in the night of the attack and how involved was the president before he flew off to a fundraiser the next day and the alleged master mind behind the attack spotted in public places.
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did we run out of drones? one thing for sure, president obama has run out of excuses. i've not had to walk back one thing i had in september, but the president has. i still believe if it is about a little old video, then watergate a flash light and duct tape and a bungle would burglary of the democratic headquarterings. the lice of that brought down a president and nearly an entire country, the big difference is that no one died in the water gate break in. four americans died in bengazi, and i still, i still want to know why. [ applause ] for this week, fox news obtained an exclusive interview with a special operator who watched the events in real time and debriefed. he believes there is no excuse why justify is yet to be
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served. >> we have all . capability and train capacity and kill judge capture that only terrorist involve would with these specific events of 9/11 and ambassador steven's death. terrorist who are feeding other regions and including europe and our national security in the short term. >> multiple sources tell fox news that the u.s. has identified the master mind of the bengazi attack, he's still in libya and walkings flee. >> we basically don't want to upset anybody . the problem is, if ambassador steven's family knew that we were sitting on information about the people who killed their son, their brother, on and on, and we can look at them as a government in the face, we are messing up. we are messing up. >> on wednesday, the house oversight and government reform committee will hold new
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hearings on bengazi and the committee announced the nameless of three witnesses all from the state department set to testify. eric nord strorm, a diplomat security officer who testified back in october that his request for enhanced security around the embassy went ignore indeed washington. deputy hickings and mark thompson. senator lindsay graham joins me now. he's been pressing the white to make the names . survivors known and let them speak freely. senator graham it is good to have you on again. >> thank you. >> thank you, senator i appreciate your teinancity in this. you are one. voices that are absolutely unrelenting in demanding the white house a release of information. you and two colleagues wrote a letter to the white house asking for the release of information and the names, what response have you
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received from them? >> nothing. bottom line, i think the survivors and tholce involved need to be made available to the congress and there is no better than the people there. mr. hickings will testify. i have talked to him for two monthings . people are scare tod come forward and the president needs to make sure that those who come forward will do so without having a fear of losing their job and in reprisalings. this administration is been trying to hide the story of bengazi. it will come out thanks to fox news and a few other outlets. >> can you give indication of what we anticipate hearing this week? >> i think the whole construct of how bad it before, how many timings they asked for help and no body would listen. you will be surprised to hear what he said about the interaction between him and washington. he was on the phone with chris right before he died.
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he will give you a chilling story of what it like and how little help he received and he will tell you about how he felt when he heard susan rice write this off to a spontanous riot caused by hateful video. everybody there knows that was a political sploke screen. this is not the fog of war. she not confused by the fog of war. this white house seven weeks before the election tried to continue the narrative that bin laden is dead and al qaeda is receding in term of influence and power and bengazi destroyed that narrative and story line and that is what it is about for a long time. >> senator, you hearted president say to our ed henry, i am not aware of any attempt to quiet these people and not let them testify. >> were you shocked as i was when you heard him? you are right in the middle of this . one trying to get to the white
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house. react to me when you saw the president and it is taken in germany two days after the attack and held by the f.b.i.. i have asked for them a hundred timings. we sent 30 questions to the president. the only answer he made. what did you do and did you call anybody in libya in the attack. we found that the president never called anybody in libya to get help. rescue team stuck in the bengazi airport three and half. come wednesday, you will hear the truths about bengazi and it is going to make you mad and upset. our people were abandoned and this leading from behind is a wrong model and the world is falling apart . what you were told by the administration after the fact a political smoke screen. had there is more to come. >> senator, how far will you push this and make sure we get
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answers and not just answers, but someone is held accountable and responsible as high up as is necessary to really vindicate the four dead americans? >> i think the point is well made right there. enemy somebody is held accountable for want fact that four people were allow would to die, 7 and half hours they were under attack and no one came to their aid on 9/11 and our consulate was a death trap and every request for assistance denied and leading from behind does not work . quite afterwards it a political story and not basod the events on the ground. how far will i go? i will go and where i can look mr. wood and other family members and tell them what happened in bengazi, and until somebody is held accountable. secretary clinton said she had a clear-eyed view of what went on in bengazi and lib yampt
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she never heard of the request of the ambassador a month before the attack saying we can't defend the consulate in a attack and al qaeda flaggings are flying all over the place. richard nixon held accountable for watergate, this administration needs to be held accountable for bengazi, and the story of the americanings abandoned by their government at a time they needed their government the most. >> senator, i appreciate you being here and thank you for being a voice of persistance when so many people have mutualed on to other things and i thank you, because we can't move on until we have the truth it is it a honor and pleasure to have you here, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, mike. [ applause ] >> coming up. finding out the hard way that the obama administration will use any tacticings necessary including bullying to keep the truth from becoming public.
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[ applause ] >> we said on wednesday,ment house oversight committee will hold a round of hearings on bengazi. we know the namings - names of three whistle-blowers that testify whampt is it like being a whistle blow yer how do they handle the intimidation and threats of people who don't want them to talk. chris is a gone against the administration . author of the book "injustice." . christian, thank you for joining us today. you had talked about in your book and other formums what it
5:17 pm
is like to be a whistle-blower. talk to us about what these folks are likely to go through when they testify on capitol hill and the pressure they are going to be under. >> lthe first thing the administration does as they did to me order you not to comply with the law. don't testify even if you are under subpene a. what happens next when you make the decision to testify? they unleash all of the legions in the left wing media as they did to fox newings, lie about your employment record. when i testified, they tried to say i was moved around even thope i promote awarded, awards. they need to recognize the truth will get them through and they need to buckle down and dust off the roten tomatoes and tell the truth. it is one of tholce momentings, individual
5:18 pm
decisions are history . transparency in our government is essential for the constitutional order. >> you know, christian, you mentioned they will be fed to the left-wing lions and that is what happened to you. >> the washington post called you a republican activist. media matters said that you are the teller and the huffington post, open letter to you by an old law school class mate said that you are a committed partisan conservative that does not come to the whistle-blower attack on president obama with clean hands. is that the type of thing that they will expect to be thrown at you . how do you answer to you when you are call would a partisan hack? >> when you testify under oath, you are putting your reputation on the line. ul are giving the truth the best you know it. i tell those folkings if there is something wrong in the
5:19 pm
testimony of my testimony or other officials, indict us. what is inaccurate. they like to attack you personally and never tell you what is false. what these three brave men will have to deal with. but do it. this is the sort of thing that keeps this country what it is. it is for people like the three men to come forward and tell the truth about the government lying. it is what sustains us. >> christian, let's be clear. they are putting their entire careers on the line. they are not people whomented the spotlight. they didn't run for or go out and grab a podium. they have worked very quietly and behind the scenes, this could be the end of the government careers, couldn't it? >> it could. i had to quit mipe job to comply with my subpene a. i thought it was more important to tell the truth about the
5:20 pm
rotted justice and eric holder than a government paycheck. thoogs the decision i made. they have to make their own decision. we'll learn a lot about the president. does he care about the families of the men who died or preserving hotdogs political power. pay attention, because it is going to reveal a lot about the man. >> christian, we appreciate i being her and your candor and insight on what these guys are facing. >> the president blamed gun violence in mexico on the united states . oscar-winning actress gets offend happened when way cop doesn't recognize her. my reaction and the quotes of the week coming up next. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting
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on friday, president obama traveled to mexico a country mired in drug cartel violence. while he there, he shouldered some of the blame. >> some of the guns used in violence in mexico, come from the united states. [ applause ] and i think many much you know our american constitution guarantees a right to bear arms and as president i swore an oath to uphold that right and i always will. but at the same time as i said in the united states, i will continue to do everything in my power to pass common sense reforms that keep guns out of the hand wills of criminals and dangerous people that can save lives here in mexico and back home in the united states. it is it the right thing to do. >> well, i am delighted to hear the president say that. one of the things he could do stop fast and furious that put a thousand guns in the hands of illegal drug lord in the
5:25 pm
mexico that ended up killing an american border agent . so if the president is really serious about enforcing gun laws, let's start by not handing them out to crookings. not the legal gun owners and as far as blaming us for the drug problems that are result nothing violence in mexico, maybe if the president would secure the borders better and keep the drugs from mexico from getting here,ment market place would not be so lucrative in mexico and they would not be killing each other down there. instead of blaming the american people, take some responsibility, fix the border and stop sending guns to mexicanings that. might be a start. [ applause ] -- oscar winning actor reece witherspoon upset that her husband pumed over for driving
5:26 pm
under the influence and wanted to make sure. >> i am a u.s. citizen and i am allowed to stand . i will ask any question i want to ask. you better not arrest me. ip am an american citizen. >> i told you to get in the car and stay in there. and now i am handcuffed. do you know my name. >> you don't need to know my name. oh, really. you are about to find out who i am. >>ip am not real worried about that ma'am >> we alm found out who she. her next movie is going to be called legally bomb would. rough audience here today. she and her husband arrest to her credit she fully apologize took full responsibility and i think quite repentant of thansions she had taken. here is a reminder, alcohol
5:27 pm
and fame don't seem to mix too well. might be good to take the teetotaler pledge, reese. i commend you for take being responsibility and not trying to blame someone else once it became well known. stay away from cameras and cops and wine. president obama has a lot on his plate and he had a real tough time since he started his second term. during a press conference on tuesday, he asked if he could handle all of it. >> do you still have the juice to get your agenda through congress? >> if you put it that way, johnathon, maybe i should pack up go home. golly. [ applause ] >> well, mr. presidents we'll have a truck at 1600 pennsylvania quite soon and
5:28 pm
load dispup take where ever you would like to g. proabortion advocates are going out of the their way to say that dr. gosnell is a isolated case. there is shocking video when we return. ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ]
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live from america's news headquarterings, i am heather childers. firefighters making progress in the wildfires in california. the biggest one is 43 square miles and damaged 50 homes it is threatening thousands more homes but moist calmer weather is helping the fire crews who have it 30 percent contained. it a deadly day for troop in afghanistan. 7 service members were killed
5:32 pm
two died when an afghan soldier turned his gun on coalition troop west . five in the south by a bomb. >> and the kentucky derby, orb trotted away with one and half million dollars. i am heather childerings, now back to huckabee. >> as jurors in the murder trial of dr. kermit gosnell new undercover video is blowing the lid off of the late term abortion industry. there is several abortion clinics . went there to find out what the clinics would do in a situation where a baby born alive in the fail would failed abortion attempt. in these videos they are 22 weekings and posing as
5:33 pm
potential patients and seeking consulitation. what you are about to see and hear is disturbing. >> it will be 23 week two days. >> it doesn't look like a baby it has organs and heart like, we all have hearts, but it is not done. >> does it have a face or anything. >> it is developing into. >> okay. >> but they used the suction and there is no movement. >> sometimes. sometimes they are, yes. >> it does happen. if i were to choose to do it that way like you would let it go. >> uh-huh. >> it is
5:34 pm
>> my gosh. it is it hard for me to watch it is hard to see joining me is president of live action. his organization able to
5:35 pm
obtain that video. lila, it is disturbing. >> it is hard. >> what is the most disturbing thing you uncovered it is horrendous. >> there are so many disturb heart breaking elements. this is's you late term abortion industry at large. we are seeing two major things. brutality of abortion and what it is it doing to the baby in the womb. they are cutting the umbilical cord so the baby suffocate to death and how they reach in and grab it out with forceps and pull them piece by piece. it is regrettable i have to say it. it is happen it is legal. but what is not legal. the baby comes out alive because they induce labor and sometimes those little children come out alive and the abortionist who is paid
5:36 pm
10,000 kills the children and they are discussing how they would put them in jars of toxic solution and leave them struggling and leaving them to die in the clinic. >> one . doctors that you exposed the undercover video asked for a response he said that groups like yourings are terrorist. that you and prolife advocates are like terrorist, how do you respond to that? >> first ever all, twoor week pregnant investigator whoageousw for her to be a terrorist is absurd. this is a courageous woman. but beyond that, that shows the desperation . abortion leader. they are trying to deflect attention much what he's doing in the clinic and international terrorism is hurting so many people it make its absurd.
5:37 pm
he is fe deflecting attention of what he is doing every day. they use false words like choice and empowerment or reproductive freedom. but what they are doing is covering up violent brutal act that is we would not subject puppies or children to. we are hurting women and children along the way. this is what is going on when they call us namings it is because he can't defend the brutality of the practice that he is involve would in. >> i was struck by the callousness of the people in these so-call would clinics. i refuse to dignify clinic with these people. they were callous and cold and they were laughing about the procedure and what it would do, and i think everyone in our audience gasping aloud as we watched what have we come to?
5:38 pm
>> it is heart sickening and disturbing, but this is what we came to because we allowed abortion in america. women's right's movement and self-name would feminist. i calm would myself a feminist but they claim that abortion empowers women. it doesn't empower anyone. no walks in a abortion where they are buechlering woman and hurting children or the clinic in dc feeling powerful. she feels powerlessness. that is because for us to kill our children doesn't help us achieve our dreams that. is one of the biggest lies that the last 40 on years have forced in woman. somehow that abortion would make us better off. it only pleased our bosses that wouldn't promote us and boy friends that would not stay with us that. is not empower: we don't have
5:39 pm
to kill our children to achieve our dreams and nothings takingment life of a child inside or outside of the womb. >> thank you to you and live action and all pro life organizations that are helping to expose the horror and national nightmare. i think we can hope that one of the thing thags come forth from the kermit gosnell trial in philadelphia and then from the extraordinary videos that live action and others are putting out. maybe it will wake up the country and help people to understand it is not the elimination of inanimate tissue. it is it the wholesale determined intentional murder of a perfectly normal health yehuman life and it must stop. it must stop. lila, thank you very much. >> thank you. boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is getting four
5:40 pm
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♪ can you hear it? ♪ fueling the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there
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>> hear my commentory on radio. detailings at >> sources say the suspected
5:44 pm
boaston marathon bombers originally planned to bomb july 4th celebration but then decided to bomb the marathon. judy clark has joined tsarnaev defense team and bringing the number of attorneys to defend him to four. joining me is the author of mistrial. >> mark, to have you here. >> goch gov, it is great to be theor. >> you can understand and everyone gets it that a person is entitle tod representation. how much. most people get a public defender and now he gets four attorneyings. why? >> the thinking in a case like this. the prosecution has unlimited resources in terms of what they are going to bring to bear. if you do it in a swift fashion have four lawyers to
5:45 pm
get up to speed and deal with just the phenomenal amount of discovery that they will have to deal with. if you had one public defender on the case, he would be screaming to the judge. i can't get my arms around it and have time and resources . then you are going to build in an appeal at some point if that is the case. >> you do understand that a lot of people are saying, if this a minority kid in the projects and busted for drugs and murder he would be lucky to get a sober public defender that gets the computer draw. >> one of the things in the book is that this is a dream team of lawyers out there and defense bar has unlimit would resources. i like to joke. edward bennett williamless who is a trial lawyer he hired for the redskins, i gave him a blank check and he exceeded it. you never hear a politician
5:46 pm
stand up and say i want to cut back the prosecutor budget or police budget. they don't do it . people doing what i think are unsung jobs and they are public defenders and they don't have the resources for it. the criminal justice system is teetering on the edge of being broken partially and mostly if you ask me the war on drugs that fail would that we just can't deal with the system. >> he has four lawyers and one of the things to contend with apparently he sent a message to one much his friends. gosh, you look like that guy. he said laughing out loud. lol, you better not text me. that seems callous and cold for someone whed a bunch much people; is that going to make it harder to defend this guy? >> i think it is. you can see judy clark who
5:47 pm
gettings - gets appoint the clients she represented in the federal system, it is almost somebody with being a foregone and she tries to save the person from the death penalty. if youment -- you want to talk about the waste of resource, death penalty and not just me as a defense lawyer. our former chief justice in california said it, it is broken . part of the reason you have all of these resources is because there is it a death penalty and so many levelings of review and we spend ungodly amountless of mon oat things when we don't have a reason to. >> how do you deal with a person that is a notorous defendant like tsarnaev. hard to understand and sitting and having to defend him as a lawyer? >> i have had clients that are
5:48 pm
toxic if you will to it is public . i have taken the brunt of that. not for me personally but when family members take the brunt of it . you can understand when the attacks get vicious and personal. i always say and i was in new york last week and front page of the new york post and a picture of a guy who freed after 38 years in prison and because his lawyer layed down and rolled over and assumed he guilty. they found he was exxonerated on the dna and the thing he said when he came out. i wish my parents i was alive and not only e even they believed not guilty. if you are going through motions, get in a different line much work. i could sell oranges on the side of the freeway. but the idea of the defense
5:49 pm
lawyer to me, i grew up to kill a mockingbird and watching the mover yeperry mason and dating myself and i liked that tv seeries. i like them doing a noble task defending the underdog and defining the constitution. i wrapped myself up that's how i do it. >> if you are going to sell oranges, you would sell a million. you are a heck of a lawyer, and i hope people will get your book. the book is call would "mistrial". mark, thank you for being here. thank you so much. coming up. country singer joining the little rockers, we'll pay tribute to home town heroes, that's next. ♪
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>> my next guest is a talented country singer who served as opening act for clint black and taylor . also a spokesperson for the air national guard and horst for show serving your country. laura. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> i appreciate your work on be. air guard. i think all . forces of the national guard are most underappreciated part of our military force. how did you get involved? >> i live my dream balse of these brave men and women allow me to live my dream and protect my freedom every day. i thought the best way to give back was through a song and tell people who they do. they are overseas and here and protecting our freedoms and they are giving their time
5:54 pm
away from their families so we can be with ours. >> joining laura is little rockerings. lauren green on the key boards. emily is singing back up. keith wilson on guitar ander control operator mark is on drummings. let's do it home town heroes. ♪ ♪ you know friday night. ♪ this is the big game that you sat for bragging rights all year. ♪ it is overtime. lilse lis toth crowd. ♪ we drop back. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ home town heroes.
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you know who they are. ♪ you are small town dreamers with big time -- ♪ [ singing ] snolt home town heroes all across the usa. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ from the decerpts of iraq to the mountains of afghanistan. ♪ all over this great land. ♪ yeah. ♪ home town heroes. you know who you are.
5:56 pm
♪ home -- small time dreamers. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ home town heroes, all across the usa. ♪ heroes all across the usa. ♪ little rockers, everybody. [ applause ] >> laura thank you so much for being here and thank you for joining us tonight. we hope you had a great time we'll see you next week this same time. until then from new york. this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. ♪ [ singing ]
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then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? >> judge jeanine: when kids are little and they have done something wrong and they are caught red handed they almost always profess ignorance. i didn't know! actually, a lot of adults mostly defendants i have met up with say the same thing. like the driver of the getaway car loaded with guns outside the bank waiting for the bank robbers. i didn't know! this week, excuses keep coming from washington about the boston marathon bombing and if it weren't so deadly serious and the security of this nation weren't on the line, it would be humorous. hello he and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine

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